The product also has higher pre installation features, applicable to the ability to resist wind and snow more demanding area, and on the front, back, left and right and under the direction of the whole system is adjusted, greatly reduces requirements of installation

The structure of bracket is simple , can realize the whole assembly, and reduce period of installation..

The base adjustment is more flexible, can be realized up and down around and around the full range of adjustment, and cement piles or spiral pile can be further adjusted to save time.

Tube strength is better, greatly improve the stability.

25 years irrevocable warranty insurance solarsafe
High performance and power output in low solar irradition

Anti-reflective and self-cleaning surface reduces power loss from dirt and dust

Certified to withstand increased snow loads of up to 5400 PA and wind loads of up to 2400PA

High salt and ammonia resistance certified by TUV Nord

With high efficiency, easy to install, LCD display and wireless and remote communication, active and reactive power can be adjusted and other features, superior performance, stable and reliable operation. High performance, easy to maintain and install, man-machine interface.

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