Household PV power generation not only solve the phenomenon of electricity shortage, but also greatly reduce the cost of electricity and good for environment

      Greenpower has a professional R & D team ,excellent project management and professional construction team, according to the different characteristics of project, building design, and construction group, and appoint experienced, project manager responsible for engineering construction.

      According to the customer's different requirements and installation conditions, through the field investigation to carry out scientific analysis, to provide customers with the best feasibility plan.

       Through constant innovation and adopts professional construction technology, standard construction process, greatly optimizing the construction and installation process of photovoltaic power generation system, so as to shorten period, reducing cost, and achieving good perfomances in terms of stable operation and reliable quality.

       Greenpower has innovative design, installation convenient, good after-sales service and other features, through a series of testing and quality certification, so that customers in the choice of us more assured



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