Greenpower is a company which engaged in renewable energy investment, household, commercial and large-scale photovoltaic power station construction, has a professional team and installation technology. And we have a variety of experience and provide customers with professional advice and budget for different situations, so as to create convenience for customers.
Greenpower carry out the government sector projects, which can be familiar with the government's requiremnt and standards and delivery the project within the specified time. In addition, the large public places, we also carry out the PV of the school, civilian housing and farm.
Greenpower had built 2.5 Megawatts of photovoltaic grid connected power generation system at the Samoa airport in November 2014 and complete of power generation in May 2015 . And Greenpower will build 3.3 Megawatts of photovoltaic grid connected power generation system at Racecourse in October 2015, and have completed  the installation of 1.5 megawatts of support bracket in December 2015 , is expected to be completed in April 2016.
At the same time, we plan to bid for the construction of water conservancy projects in the Pacific island in 2016.

Recent works undertaken include:

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